time dilation

time dilation

Time dilation: The increase/decrease in the time between two events as measured by an observer who is outside of the reference frame in which the events take place.

Does time always pass at the same rate?

Time Dilation is an experimental live musical installation relying on the ebb and flow of energy in performance. Immersing its audience in an intense environment of multi-directional ‘3D’ sound, it mixes live and recorded, acoustic and electronic sound to hypnotic effect. To accompany this ever-present soundtrack, each performer struggles to complete a seemingly simple task that must be maintained for the duration of the piece. This involves running and re-running the length of a runway made of tinfoil as quickly as possible; and using the piano as a percussive instrument, frantically repeating chords as if playing a drum roll.

A breath-taking display of endurance, the piece allows the audience to experience time speeding up and slowing down, forcing them to constantly re-assess their relationship to the performers and the events they are witnessing.

Composed by Jamie Fletcher. 

Performed by: Dick Bonham, Jamie Fletcher and Kieran Hurley.

Running time: 1 hour