the sound archive

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Can you hear the waves? Or is it just the wind in the trees?

You're in one place, but imagining another. you're in bed, listening to the Shipping Forecast. In your car, wondering what it'll be like when you get there. Or in a forest, scared to leave your tent.

The Sound Archive is a series of experimental sound installations that PLaY is making on an occasional basis, alongside our other project work. Utilising a range of spaces, both real and virtual, in which it can be heard, the work combines recorded music, spoken text and found sound. Created with a range of other artists and participants of all ages the recordings will build over the coming years to create an imaginative map that inspires unexpected connections between different locations, people and stories.

You will be able to hear some examples of the work on our soundcloud site, and we'll also put details of other opportunities to access it on this website.  In its installation format, audience members could experience the piece in a variety of ways. It could be listening on headphones while exploring a particular building; over the tannoy in a shop; as a group huddled around an old Dictaphone; or through speakers hidden in a teapot.